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Welcome to Sinclair’s Women’s Christian College

On behalf of the Board, Management, and staff, I would like to welcome you and your family to Sinclair’s Group of Institutions - which has been educating children for twenty nine years. We have high aspirations for every student and an expectation that they will excel and achieve their potential. We provide an inspirational and creative curriculum, rich in opportunity and full of challenge. We understand that every child is precious – an individual blessed with their own unique set of gifts and talents and we work hard to encourage and support each child as they discover where their strengths lie. We pride ourselves on our happy, friendly and caring atmosphere, as well as our strong Christian ethos, which underpins all that we do. We endeavor to help all our children develop their understanding of Humanity and this is reflected in both the curriculum we teach and the moral values we impart to our children. Each student grows knowing that they belong to our college community and that our college community belongs to them. This knowledge fosters a pride in their college and its achievements, and an understanding that each individual is a very important part of the whole.

Our staff and pupils are enthusiastic and sincere ambassadors, and would love to welcome you for a tour of the institution. You will explore this website to see the key aspects of what we aim to do and how we do it, but coming to see us is the best way of experiencing the warmth of the Sinclair’s family. We hope you will come to visit.