Five Important Lessons you learn In A Girls’ College


Being comfortable in your own skin

At a girls’ college, one is able to shed those ‘ideal guidelines’ and explore realities. The ideal body image is no longer an issue as you learn to be who you are and accept it. We can find girls roaming in the college in nightdresses, in party dresses, in formals, in shorts and skirts, in kurtas, in anarkalis. They wear the clothes they want and not what society wants them to wear.


Your Confidence levels rise

You care less what others might think of you. Views, opinions of others help you to form a perspective but they never interfere with your confidence. With a sudden freedom from the ‘watchful eye’, girls feel free to express their opinions. One must see the debating society of a girls’ college. The fierceness in their debates will catch you off guard.



As girls open up to each other, without the fear of being judged, there is this mobilization of sensitivity making them aware of each other’s’ problems. ‘Feminism’ no longer stands for just a buzzword, it gains meaning. We get to understand its implications and all debates and discussions include a touch of sensitivity to social issues.


One learns to deal with people

There is politics that goes around; we have our power struggle and diplomacy issues. But I think, those are the most important experiences that teach us how to deal with different situations. By the start of the second year, all girls have enough experience to face any sort of argument or power play. They are ready to demand their rights in the outside world.


High level of Participation

In terms of academics and extracurricular activities, participation of girls increases. They are less hesitant in trying new things. They feel inspired and empowered by girls around them who are achieving a lot in their field. And hence they utilize all the opportunities they get.