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Sinclairs Women's Christian College, (SWCC), is a great place to study. Our innovative spirit inspires what we do and how we do it, providing valuable educational benefits for students, parents and our community. Constantly improving what we do lies at the heart of what makes us different.

We educate, excite and inspire our students with a learning experience that you will find nowhere else; it is absolutely unique. Our superb facilities coupled with our dedicated staff enable us to deliver lessons that provide challenge, support and are closely attuned to individual needs. We are committed to giving all of our students the best learning experience possible and to improving their life chances.We enable students to see the bigger picture; to connect them with their learning and the world around them. We are confident that the vibrant learning atmosphere we create raises academic attainment, students’ enjoyment of learning and their level of skills. SWCC is a place of learning that students want to attend and that parents put as first choice for their child.

At SWCC we recognize the important part that parents and community play in a child’s education and we develop an active partnership to ensure that every child is nurtured to reach their full potential in a culture of ambition and respect, where no one gets left behind. We ensure our students can think for themselves and about others, can challenge themselves and make good judgements, can believe in themselves and recognize their capacity to realize their dreams. We know dreams are possible at SWCC.

Inclusivity and mutual respect are qualities integral to what makes SWCC for Girls the exceptional place that it is. Our pastoral care is exemplary; girls feel secure as members of a happy and compassionate community, each knowing she is valued for her own talents and individuality. Girls who are educated in pastorally supportive environments thrive; they are more likely to fulfil their academic potential and to develop their emotional intelligence.

SWCC’s reputation for academic success is wholly justified and our academic achievements speak for themselves. As experts in the teaching of girls, we know how girls learn and we provide the stimulating and supportive environment in which they can flourish. At SWCC, girls enjoy their academic studies and the challenges with which they are presented; they like the fact that its ‘cool’ to try hard and all have high aspirations. Small classes and committed staff are also crucial to success and each girl is assured of individual support. One of our aims at SWCC is to ensure that every girl is encouraged to develop her potential in all areas of life. Having an outlet from academic studies encourages a healthy work/life balance, which can spur girls on to even greater academic success. Therefore, we have an extensive extra-curricular programme, with activities, trips and opportunities to suit everyone. Indubitably, one of the reasons our pupils achieve so much beyond the classroom is because of the single-sex environment where, as studies show, they are more willing to take risks and engage in new experiences.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best education you can give your daughter, you need look no further than Sinclairs Women's Christian College. I would encourage you to pay us a visit at any time and look forward to meeting you.